Your Pinterest board is full of lovely dresses, fabulous florals and tasty looking cakes, but lets face it, the planning side stresses you out. What wedding style should I go with? What colors should I choose? Who will set-up the reception? These are just a few things we girls can get all worried about but girl, don’t. I’ve got this covered!

I believe that each couples wedding day should reflect their love for one another and the things they enjoy together. Whether it’s finding a venue that reflects your style or choosing your wedding colors, each thing should tell the story of the two of you. A wedding day simply put is the celebration of two loves coming together as one. So why not create a day that is simply about you two.

As a wedding planner and designer my goal is get to know you both and take the stress off your shoulders. To bring your wedding vision to life or help you find your wedding vision, whatever the case may be, I’m here to assist. Whether you are looking for wedding design styling, wedding coordination or total wedding coordination, planning and designing, I would love to get together to talk and see how I can best serve you! Once we meet, we can create a tailored wedding package to best suit your needs and start bringing your wedding to life!

Whether you would like my help for the last few months of planning while you’re finishing grad school or you would like me to start guiding you the moment you get engaged, we can create a tailored package to fit your needs.

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